We offer Analytics Services across Industries

GlobalStat provides Statistical Science, Predictive Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, IoT, Product Development, Corporate Training, and R&D related services across different Industries like Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Media, Retail, CPG, FMCG, Utility, Govt, Human Capital, Healthcare and Pharma. GlobalStat provides insights into customer needs, preferences and ideas for growing their business by analyzing real life data using Statistical Science, Data Mining and Machine Learning.

Retail Analytics

Understand your customers’ preferences, retain them and Recommend right Products/Items.

Telecom Analytics

Enhance your customer's experience, Reduce Churn, and Optimize Pricing and Promotions.

Digital Analytics

Improve reach of people; know the Right Web Channel, ROI of Online Campaigns/Promotions.

Healthcare Analytics

Clinical Analytics, Cost Saving, Decrease Length of Stay, Improve Patient Satisfaction,

HR/Capital Analytics

Workforce planning, Business Growth, Demand Forecasting, and Employee Churn Prediction.

Media Analytics

Automated Targeted Advertising, Choosing right Media Channel, Intelligent Marketing and ROI

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